Lesbos Cyanotypes

7.5 Jeannie_Simms_Sindikit-16 Wide shot.Lesbos Cyanotypes2 Jeannie_Sindikit-11 Lesbos Cyanotypes Crop3 Jeannie_Sindikit_Lesbos Cyantypes-121 Jeannie_Sindikit-10.Cyanotype Panel 1_24 Jeannie_Sindikit-Lesbos Cyanotypes_13_2


Lesbos Cyanotypes

The objects in pieces, water bottles and other paraphernalia were collected in 2016 along the eastern shores of Lesbos from the same waters where thousands of people have crossed from Turkey, with over 856,000 arrivals in 2015. The bottles were used to create four cyanotype panels.


Sindikit, Baltimore, MD, 2016


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