I Want the Kind of Store with Pricetags



Margareta, a woman (who I met and collaborated with during the previous year in the training agency) returned from being a domestic worker in Taiwan after being abused by her employer. In this video she acts out her fantasy to own her own store: “the kind with pricetags, not the kind where you bargain” at a Catholic Grotto in a small village above a rice field on Java. Her customers include a group of scouting girls and young woman looking for a Kebaya to wear to a party.

READYMAIDS Supported by a grant from art matters, NYC

The Readymaids videos were produced collaboratively with women inside a maid-training agency in Java, Indonesia before and in this case, after being placed with a family in Taiwan. Videos are inspired by fantasies, desires or important memories. The women came up with the staging ideas of the works collaboratively and on their own. Women were paid for their participation.

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