Foxy Runs Away

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This video was included in the project:

Shown at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum, Provincetown, MA

This body of work reframes art history as a matrix of sensual pathways and gestures linked to place and the social values of its practitioners. Looking at friendships, animal connections, care labor and new possibilities of social relationships and artwork, this body of work includes:

1) a video, “Foxy Runs Away,” of the artists’ mothers’ (fearful) cat ,

2) chocolate “paintings“ that are reproductions of works in the Provincetown Art Association and Museum’s collection by signifcant women artists who spent time in Provincetown from the 1910’s -1990’’s–wsorks inspired by the artists: Janice Tworkov, Blanche Lazzell, Marguerite Zorach and Sue Coe, and Shelby Shackelford;

3) a Tai Chi class led by the artist’s 85 year old mother Peggy and Tai Chi Instructor, Jai, followed by homemade chocolates w/bitters and soda made from locally foraged wintergreen and the telling of animal stories by guest stars. (Guest stars included: Amy Sadao, Executive Director of the ICA at PENN; Jeanine Oleson, artist; Patty Chang, artist; Ari Banias, poet; Candice Lin, artist; Nicole Terez Dutton, poet; Jacolby Satterwhite, artist; Mary Ellen Strom, artist.)

4) Selections by Jeannie Simms from the PAAM Permanent Collection:

Biala (“Janice Tworkov,” “Janice T. Biala,” “Janice Tworkov Brustlein”)
Untitled, ca 1929
(nude, cat, landscape)
Graphite on paper, 10″ x 13″
Gift of Warren Cresswell, 1980

Lucy L’Engle
Portrait (of a dog) 1938
Litohograph, 13.5″ x 12.5″
Gift of J.H. Hall, 1984

*”Forum 12″ is named after “Forum 49” — a series of discussions & debates held at 200 Commercial St. in Provincetown , MA in 1949 & were facilitated by (poet/painter) Weldon Kees & based around the exhibition of new art–w/Agnes Weinrich, Adolph Gottlieb, Hans Hoffman, Fritz Bultman and Blanche Lazzell participating.

Supported by the Fine Art Work Center Residency, Provincetown, MA

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