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4) Ethel Mars 1916-20.SIMMSSimms.Zorach.Sharp.close

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Jeannie Simms’ chocolate paintings on view during Valentine’s Day are recreations of works by important American artists. The exhibition looks to the social lives and friendships of a diverse group of artists who forged new ground based on the social content of their imagery. Edible chocolate artworks are inspired by artists Bob Thompson, Ethel Mars, Maud Hunt Squire, Dorothy Lake Gregory, Marguerite Zorach, Peter Hunt and Hans Hofmann.

Samples of Simms’ own “medicinal chocolates,” made with special ingredients such as seaweed, medicinal herbs, high antioxidant raw cacao, nuts and berries are available for sampling during the exhibition.

1) “To agree with ‘As long as one progresses there is no stopping.” Solid chocolate painting with lavender flowers, 15 x 20,” based on a drawing from 1959 by Bob Thompson of musician Charlie Haden.

2) “Gossip as Testimony,” 8 x 9.” Based on a drawing by Dorothy Lake Gregory titled “Moonlight Gossip, from 1938, PAAM collection. Simms’ artwork title inspired by an essay from Irit Rogoff.

3) “Children’s Playhouse for Peter,” Solid chocolate painting, 8 x 9.” Based on a Peter Hunt design, ca 1960.

4) “For Ethel and Maud,” solid chocolate/candy painting, 8 x 9″inches, based on a Provincetown woodblock print ca. 1916-1920.

5) “People laying around together, nude, on the grass, under the trees, with butterflies and flowers for Marguerite who went to art school in Paris instead of Stanford,” solid chocolate painting, 11 x 14,” based on a painting from 1910 by Marguerite Zorach.

6) “Ecstatic Hans,” Solid chocolate painting, 7 x 8.”Based on a painting by Hans Hoffman, from 1947.

7) “Mermaids under the garden,” Solid chocolate painting 8 x 9,” 2012. Based on a collaborative illustration by Maud Hunt Squire and Ethel Mars from Robert Louis Stevenson “Childs Garden of Verses,” edition likely from 1902.

8) “Louise Bryant in Provincetown, summer 1915 before splitting for Russia to witness the revolution,” Brass etching, 3 x 4.”

Medicinal chocolates for your pleasure

Pointy droplet cones: Cacao paste, cherries, goji berries, brazil nuts, coconut nectar, honey, butter, lucuma, camu powder. These chocolates are high in selenium, antioxidants and vitamin C.

Wonton packages: Coconut oil, papaya, orange, grapefruit, dulse, slipery elm, cayenne, salt

These chocolates are high in antioxidants and iodine.

White chocolates: Cacao butter, lemon, spearmint, blueberries, vodka, lucuma, kelp. These chocolates are high in antioxidants and iodine.

Supported by the Fine Art Work Center Residency, Provincetown, MA

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